Introducing our customizable Wi-Fi security system designed to cover all your bases. The all-new Night Owl Wire Free Smart Security System offers state-of-the-art capabilities using U.S. designed and engineered technologies you can trust. Internet is not required for local viewing from a TV/monitor, as our system runs on its own wireless network. For remote viewing on a Smart Device, the system must be connected to your home network using the provided Ethernet cable.  

Why choose wire free?

The latest edition of our wire free security system offers everything you need in a camera-based security solution — without the hassle of wiring or membership fees. The rechargeable cameras are easy to install in hard to reach areas and can stay charged up to 1-year. With remote viewing, pre-installed storage, and powerful security features, you’ll have peace of mind no matter how far you are from home. With 1080p HD recording and viewing resolution, your footage is crystal clear and detailed.

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