At Night Owl, it's our mission to protect
your property and your data privacy.

Night Owl® is the #1 Wired Security Brand* in the United States. Our passion lies in manufacturing advanced private and secure video security solutions that monitor your property, day or night in High-Definition (HD) resolution. Night Owl also protects your privacy by putting you in complete control of recorded footage. Night Owl’s innovative home and business video security technology is turnkey, affordable, and does not require a mandatory monthly subscription fee or long-term contract.

Night Owl is one of the only U.S. based and U.S. owned video security companies with wired and wireless solutions available at major retail stores. The Night Owl team of U.S. based engineers, designers, technicians, and customer service representatives have been revolutionizing the home and business video security industry since 2009. At that time Night Owl’s founder and CEO left his job at a video security company so he could launch Night Owl to combat growing threats to our security and privacy. Since inception, Night Owl has put America’s best interests first.

The Biden Administration recently signed into law the Secure Equipment Act that empowers the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to prevent imports of radio frequency devices from companies that are deemed a national security threat. Night Owl is both NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and FCC compliant. Night Owl does not use any essential components from FCC banned companies and only works with approved socially responsible partners.

Private home and business video security systems should not be used for any unintended purpose. We offer local storage options that keep your data private, secure, and under your control. You own your recordings! With Night Owl, you will not have to give up your privacy to feel secure.

Commercial strength security built to protect your everyday life

Securing your home or business and your data privacy is a serious matter. Night Owl’s video security systems are built using professional-grade technology to ensure your most valuable physical and digital assets are protected all the time.

Night Owl offers a full suite of solutions to meet your needs.

Night Owl eliminates hidden subscription fees.