Factory Reconditioned

Factory reconditioned products are returned goods that have come back to Night Owl to be checked out before being sold again. Factory reconditioned products consist of products that were initially sold new or sent out as demo units, such as a security camera DVR (Digital Video Recorder), for example. In this instance, the security camera DVR is returned, sometimes without even being opened, and designated as a security camera DVR to be "Reconditioned." Once the security camera DVR unit gets back to our warehouse from retailers or consumers, they are extensively tested and reconditioned to original factory specifications by trained technicians. The testing process assures that the product meets the same stringent quality standards that are required for new products.

Savvy buyers know that factory reconditioned products can be a great value since these items are usually priced much lower than a comparable new product. We are happy to offer customers of reconditioned units the same high-quality Technical Support that comes with all new Night Owl products. All Night Owl products, including factory reconditioned units, have a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Same great product. Same great 1-year Warranty. For details on our Warranty, please click here.
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  1. CAM-2PK-DP2BK-R
    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $69.99
    Special Price $99.99 Regular Price $119.99
  3. WNIP21L-8-R
    Special Price $549.99 Regular Price $649.99
    Special Price $69.99 Regular Price $89.99
  5. CAM-2PK-DP2L-R
    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $79.99
  6. WD2CLM-R
    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $99.99
  7. WNVR201-44P-R
    Special Price $299.99 Regular Price $549.99
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