Why Night Owl?

No Mandatory Monthly Fees or Contracts

With Night Owl, you are not required to pay a monthly subscription fee or commit to a long-term contract. Buy your Night Owl products upfront and get local and remote access to your secure recordings.

Security with Privacy

Night Owl’s sole mission is to manufacture private and secure video security solutions that monitor your property, not your activity or private conversations. Your footage is stored locally on your recorder and accessible only by you.

Powered By Innovation

Night Owl’s cutting-edge technology provides day to dusk color HD video. Record and view advanced human, vehicle, and facial detection with real-time alerts. Enjoy live view, playback, save and share functionality from your smart device. New patent-pending Bluetooth® technology delivers a secure and hassle-free set up via the free Night Owl mobile app. You no longer need a monitor, keyboard or mouse for video security setup and access.

Scalability That’s Convenient

Get total protection that easily scales. Our full range of private and secure video security products can be added as your needs change.


Night Owl complies with the U.S. government’s and FCC’s stance on protecting our nation per Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Available Nationwide

Night Owl products are available directly through NightOwlSP.com or from authorized national and regional retailers.

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