Wireless Outdoor Security Systems are an excellent solution for homes and businesses. Featuring High Definition (HD) Cameras with Night Vision and motion detection, Wireless Outdoor Security Systems are a great choice for those who want to avoid laying cables. Night Owl Wireless Outdoor Security Systems offer the latest in motion detection technology to not only help protect your property but to keep you connected by working alongside a free Mobile Remote Viewing App. When motion is detected, you can have a real-time alert sent directly to your Smart Device. This allows you to remain connected to your property no matter where you might find yourself.

Night Owl Wireless Outdoor Security Systems include cameras that are AC powered. These Wireless HD cameras are easy to install and can record continuously to a local hard disc drive (HDD). Night Owl’s Wireless Outdoor Security Systems are available in several models and configurations. One thing they all have in common is the private Wi-Fi network that does not require an Internet connection. You can record to your NVR’s hard disc drive (HDD) and view the live feed on a local TV or monitor without connecting to the Internet. Of course, connecting to the Internet is required for remote viewing, which enhances the protection afforded by owning Wireless Outdoor Security Systems.

Wireless Outdoor Security Systems

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