Night Owl Wireless NVR (Network Video Recorder) Remote Viewing Systems are available in many different models and configurations. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to remotely view the system using a free Night Owl Mobile App for Remote Viewing Systems. To use Night Owl Wireless NVR’s as Remote Viewing Systems requires an internet connection. An Internet connection is not needed to view and record your connected wireless devices. It is necessary to see your system via the free App for Remote Viewing Systems. The App keeps you connected to your world when you are not able to be there yourself. Meant for both home and businesses, being able to receive real-time alerts to your Smart Device can make all the difference in protecting what matters most.

Night Owl Wireless High Definition NVR Remote Viewing Systems uses advanced motion detection technology. Our patent-pending Dual Sensor Technology reduces false alerts to your Smart Device by up to 90 percent. Using both a motion sensor and a heat sensor simultaneously also reduces false recordings, saving valuable hard disk drive (HDD) space for the recordings that matter. Stay connected and stay in the know.

Remote Viewing Systems

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