Night Owl Wireless cameras are Night Vision Cameras. Wireless Night Vision Cameras add an extra layer of protection to your home or business by allowing you to continue recording and displaying even in the dark. Having the ability to “see in the dark” will enable you to record real-time motion events both day and night. Placing Night Owl Wireless Night Vision Cameras around your property is a great way to secure and protect your world. Most intruders wait until it is dark before they strike. With Night Vision, your Wireless cameras are capable of recording motion events in full High Definition (HD) black and white video. That’s 24/7 protection for what matters the most to you.

Night Vision Cameras use Infrared Technology to continue recording when the sun goes down, or there is no light. There is no reason to miss a thing or lose out on details when the cameras switch to black and white mode. Night Owl Wireless Night Vision Cameras are available in both indoor only and indoor / outdoor models. You can use your Night Owl Wireless Night Vision Cameras as an add on for an existing compatible Wireless NVR (Network Video Recorder) System or as a standalone camera. Our Wireless Night Vision Cameras offer amazing features and the flexibility to customize your property’s coverage.

Night Vision Cameras

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