Night Owl Wireless IP Cameras can be paired to compatible Wireless NVR (Network Video Recorder) Systems. Our Wireless IP Cameras are also able to act as standalone Wi-Fi cameras. Having these options allows you to use your IP Cameras as needed across your home or business property. With both indoor only and indoor / outdoor IP Cameras available, you can cover your property both inside and out. With wide angled views and Night Vision, you can cover all the angles and blind spots. Both indoor only and indoor / outdoor IP Cameras have Night Vision and motion detection technology. You can protect your world day and night.

Night Owl IP Cameras are AC Powered relieving you from having to recharge or purchase expensive batteries continually. This saves both time and money. When paired to a Wireless NVR connected to the Internet, Night Owl IP Cameras can record to a local hard disk drive (HDD) and send real-time motion alerts to a Smart Device via our free Mobile App. When used as Standalone IP Cameras, Wi-Fi is required to receive alerts. Receiving alerts keeps you connected to your IP Cameras when you are on the go. Stay Connected!

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