Which wireless camera is the best security camera? Of course, we believe our wireless cameras are the best security camera in the market. However, that is a question which is only going to be answered by your wants and needs. Are you looking for indoor-only cameras or perhaps one that you can use as an indoor / outdoor camera? Do you want to store your recording locally or use the Night Owl Cloud? Night Owl’s wireless camera selection gives you these options and more. Those who are looking for the most straightforward setup and flexibility, Night Owl’s wireless cameras might be the best security camera for your needs. Our wireless cameras are AC powered and use advanced motion detection technologies, including our patent-pending Dual Sensor Technology. With full 1080p HD resolution, our wireless cameras capture crystal clear detailed video. Both our indoor and outdoor wireless cameras include Night Vision, audio (one-way or two-way), and flexible setup options. Do you already own an existing system and want to expand? Perhaps you only need a camera that stands on its own. No matter if you are adding a wireless camera to an existing system or letting it stand on its own, your Night Owl camera is always going to be the best security camera.

Best Security Cameras

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