Night Owl Wireless High Definition (HD) Video Security Systems are available in many different configurations. 6 Channel Systems are not the typical configuration, but Night Owl does offer 4, 8, and 16 (6 Channel Systems currently unavailable) that include indoor / outdoor wireless 1080p HD cameras. Having an 8 or 16 Channel system with 6 connected cameras allow you to match the essence of 6 channel systems, but with the added benefit of expandability. When your coverage needs change or increase, adding extra cameras and compatible wireless devices are easy.

Night Owl’s Wireless Network Video Recorder (NVR) Systems that are expandable can be customized to look and feel like 6 Channel Systems. Compatible devices including wireless cameras and the Night Owl Smart Video Doorbell can be paired to a Wireless NVR. This kind of customization allows you to create your own 6 Channel Systems with the ability to grow them when the need arises. Increasing the camera coverage on your property will enable you to cover all the angles and blind spots that trespassers and intruders use. Using a wireless system allows you to add on without having to lay cables. How great is that?

6 Channel Systems

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