Wired Add-on Cameras (Ethernet)

Need a replacement camera for your Wired NVR (Network Video Recorder) system? Want to expand your current Wired Security Camera System that uses Power over Ethernet? Night Owl's Wired IP Add-on Cameras are America's number one choice. With resolutions up to 4K (8 Megapixels), L2 Color Boost® Technology, and Night Vision, our add-on cameras are the perfect addition to your NVR Wired security camera system. Note: Night Owl Add-on cameras require a compatible NVR.

Night Owl add-on cameras provide the stunning image quality you crave. Our indoor and outdoor IP cameras make it possible to view your world remotely when connected to an NVR using our free mobile App. Wired IP cameras deliver detailed security footage with smooth on-screen movement day and night. L2 Color Boost® Technology keeps the cameras recording in full-color in low-light settings, only switching over to Night Vision when necessary. Some models include audio, which allows you to hear what is happening around the camera, providing an extra layer of protection to your wired security camera system. The cameras are also Vandal-proof and weather-resistant to ensure safe outdoor installation. No NVR wired security camera system is complete without Night Owl's add-on Wired IP Cameras.
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