Standalone DVR

All good video home security systems start with the brains of the operation. The DVR is where data is interpreted, compressed, and acted upon (detection and alerts). Wired Video home security systems also use the DVR to store data. Depending on your storage needs, you can choose between models with and without hard disk drives. Night Owl’s Standalone DVR’s are available in configurations of 4, 8, and 16 channels and resolutions from 720p to 5MP (Megapixels).

Night Owl’s Wired Standalone DVR’s come standard with advanced features including HD resolution recording, motion-activated recording, and real-time alerts to a Smart Device. Night Owl’s Digital Video Recorders are made to be used with analog security cameras or HD cameras that send video using BNC cabling. Existing video home security systems can easily be updated to the latest DVR technology without having to lay new cable. For those not ready for full home security systems or kits, a Standalone DVR lets you add on cameras as your coverage needs change. Whether you need a crystal-clear Live View or to record detailed footage, Night Owl’s Wired Standalone DVR’s stand above the rest.
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