Thermal Camera Systems use heat sensors to pick up motion. Several years ago, Night Owl introduced our patent-pending Dual Sensor Technology. It has since been copied and imitated by most of the industry. Often referred to as PIR (Passive Infrared), the technology uses 2 sensors to determine movement in a cameras field of view. The first sensor used by Thermal Camera Systems and their cameras detects pixel changes in the cameras field of view. The second sensor then looks for a heat signature. If motion and heat are both detected, a recording and an alert are generated. This technology reduces false recordings and alerts by up to 90 percent. Whereas standard security cameras (non-Thermal Camera Systems) using current motion detection technology send out alerts every time motion is sensed, our heightened detection requires both (heat and motion) be detected simultaneously for a recording to be triggered. Not only does this alert you to serious potential threats, but also drastically conserves hard drive space. One thing to keep in mind is Thermal Camera Systems have cameras picking up a heat signature, but they do not display or record the heat signature. The actual object that is in the camera’s field of view is recorded.

Thermal Camera Systems

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