Night Owl DVR’s and NVR’s are available in many configurations. Our 4 Channel Systems, whether DVR or NVR based, are available as “Complete” or “Expandable” models. Some 4 Channel Systems are sold with 4 cameras, which is considered to be a “Complete” system. Since you can only use one camera per channel, 4 Channel Systems cannot connect to more than 4 devices. When 4 Channel Systems are sold with 2 cameras or as a “Standalone” device, they are considered to be “Expandable.” Expandable 4 Channel Systems allow you to grow your system as your coverage needs develop and change.

Night Owl 4 Channel Systems are perfect for smaller properties. Strategically placing your cameras allows you to maximize the coverage of your home or business. Our wired 4 Channel Systems have motion detection technologies that vary by model. All of our 4 Channel systems work alongside a free Remote Viewing Mobile App that allows you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world. The App also makes it possible to receive real-time motion alerts directly to your Smart Device. No matter which of the 4 Channel Systems you choose, Night Owl is here to help keep your world secured and protected.

4 Channel Systems

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