Night Owl’s Smart Video Doorbell replaces your old-fashioned doorbell and adds a layer of security to your home or business. Our Video Doorbell has a 1080p HD (1920 pixels x 1080-pixels) resolution camera with 2-way audio. When you are home and the doorbell rings, look on your Smart Device to see who is at the door. The Night Owl Smart Video Doorbell connects to a free remote viewing App that allows you to monitor, record, and speak with the person that is ringing your bell. When you are not home, the Smart Video Doorbell keeps you connected to your world. Use the App to tell the delivery guy where to place your package or monitor the coming and goings of your family and friends.

The Smart Video Doorbell works with both mechanical and digital doorbells. As long as the wiring is already in place, the Video Doorbell is easy to install. Once installed, the Video Doorbell acts not only as a traditional doorbell but as a security camera. Motion detection technology can alert you to potential threats before they even get to your door. Whether you are home or away, the security and protection provided by your Night Owl Smart Video Doorbell deliver peace of mind.

Video Doorbell

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