Ding dong, ding dong. It sounds like someone is at the door. Don’t feel like getting up? Perhaps you are watching the big game and don’t want to miss the next play. No matter the situation, the Night Owl Smart Doorbell Camera lets you see who or what is there from the palm of your hand. Our Smart Doorbell Camera replaces your existing doorbell (mechanical or digital) with a 1080p resolution view that lets you see who is at the door from wherever you are. The Smart Doorbell Camera has a wide-angle view and Night Vision. This means that even at night, your Doorbell Camera continues to display and record in full 1080p resolution.

The Night Owl Smart Doorbell Camera uses our patent-pending Dual Sensor Technology. The Smart Doorbell Camera uses both motion and heat to determine if something is a potential threat. This fantastic technology reduces false recordings and alerts by up to 90%. It also helps to alert you of activity in its field of view even if the doorbell is not pressed. When it is pressed, you can speak and listen through the Doorbell Camera with its 2-way audio feature. More than just a doorbell, it is a Smart Doorbell Camera!

Doorbell Camera

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