Night Owl WiFi cameras can be used as a standalone’s or as an add on for an existing system. When used as a Standalone, the WiFi cameras connect to the Internet via a WiFi network. Once connected to the Internet, WiFi cameras can be viewed using a free Mobile App. When added to the App, you can also receive real-time alerts from your WiFi cameras to your Smart Device when motion is detected in the cameras field of view. Standalone WiFi cameras record to an onboard microSD card or the Night Owl Cloud. When added to an existing system, the WiFi cameras record to the local HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

Night Owl offers indoor only and indoor / outdoor WiFi cameras. Both types of cameras include Night Vision, audio, and wide-angle views. Night Vision keeps the WiFi cameras recording even after the light has faded away. This means you can continue recording and monitoring all day and night. Having audio with the crystal clear 1080p HD (High Definition) video resolution allows you to view and record with great detail. Wide-angled views mean you can cover larger areas with just one camera. Our WiFi cameras are easy to install and to connect to the Internet. Take a look at our selection and find out which of our WiFi cameras are for you!

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