Motion detection technology differs between cameras. Night Owl offers a wide selection of Wired and Wireless motion sensor cameras. There are many different types of motion sensor cameras in the market that range from basic motion detection to Human Detection with Facial Capture and Facial Recognition. Basic motion detection typically uses pixel changes in the cameras field of view to determine motion. Several years ago, Night Owl introduced our patent-pending Dual Sensor, which uses movement and heat to determine if the motion is from a human, animal, or vehicle. Our Dual Sensor motion sensor cameras are available as wired or wireless.

Night Owl recently introduced motion sensor cameras that have Human Detection. These wired cameras use advanced algorithms to determine human motion in the cameras field of view. When the determination is made, a recording is initiated, and a real-time alert sent. Our Human Detection motion sensor cameras include Facial Capture and Facial Recognition. Together, these technologies work to not only determine human motion but also put a name to the face. When the motion sensor cameras recognize a face, a Familiar or Unfamiliar Face alert is sent to your Smart Device via our free remote viewing App. Check out our selection of motion sensor cameras to find the right one for your world.

Motion Sensor Cameras

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