Night Owl Video Security Systems are perfect for indoor outdoor security! We offer full kits with indoor outdoor security cameras as well as indoor only devices. For most homes and businesses, having indoor outdoor security cameras around their property is the first line of crime prevention. Studies show that criminals are apt to move on when indoor outdoor security cameras are spotted. Our indoor outdoor security cameras use advanced motion detection technologies to alert you of potential threats. When your indoor outdoor security system is added to our free Mobile App, you can receive real-time alerts to your Smart Device and always be in the know.

Maximizing the coverage of your property with indoor outdoor security cameras can be accomplished with Wired or Wireless technology. Our Wired systems include indoor outdoor security cameras that are weather-resistant (should always be placed under an awning or eave) and cold climate capable. Night Owl Wireless and Hybrid Systems are compatible with both indoor only and indoor outdoor security devices. Compatible wireless devices for the Hybrid includes our Smart Doorbell, which can also be paired to a Wireless system. Protecting your home or business, both inside and out, with Night Owl security devices is a wise choice.

Indoor Outdoor Security

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