Hybrid Standalone DVR

The combining of our Wired and Wireless Technology Worlds has resulted in a Hybrid DVR Security system that is true CCTV with the convenience of a Wireless system. Every Hybrid DVR Security system starts with the brains of the operation, the DVR itself. Our Hybrid Standalone DVR's work with both compatible Wired BNC Cameras and Night Owl Wireless devices. The Standalone Hybrid DVR Security device is designed to store recordings locally and is sold with and without pre-installed HDD's (Hard Disk Drive). Some advanced features include (Depending on the model) Human Detection and Motion Detection, real-time motion alerts to your Smart Device, and remote viewing with no monthly fees.

Night Owl Standalone DVR's record in 1080p HD. At 1080p, you capture recordings with clarity and precision. With its embedded network, you can add compatible Wireless devices to the DVR. Whether adding compatible AC powered Wireless cameras or our Smart Doorbell, you can't beat the flexibility of the Hybrid. Hybrid Standalone DVR's are sold in multiple channel configurations. Easily add to your new Hybrid DVR to satisfy your coverage needs. Boost your coverage by adding Wired cameras or Wireless devices. Start building your Hybrid DVR Security system and enjoy the best of both worlds.
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