Night Owl offers many options for business security cameras and Video Security Systems. The best business security cameras are the ones that are the right fit for your particular needs. Depending on the number of business security cameras needed to cover your property will help decide which is the right choice for you. Are you looking to have business security cameras both inside and outside? Do you want wired, wireless, or both? We offer Wired, Wireless, and Hybrid (Wired and Wireless on 1 system) systems as well as standalone Wireless business security cameras.

With the introduction of our Hybrid DVR Systems, we have joined together our Wired and Wireless technologies to provide not only real CCTV (Closed-Circuit TV) but unprecedented flexibility. The Hybrid allows you to have wired business security cameras installed around your property, and the flexibility of moving the wireless cameras to newly discovered problem areas (blind spots), without laying cable. Our Hybrid systems work alongside a free Mobile App that keeps you connected to your business security cameras when you can’t be there yourself. Receive real-time alerts directly to your Smart Device and always be in the know.

Business Security Cameras

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