When it comes to Video Security, 8 Channel Systems seem to be very popular for homeowners. Night Owl offers Wired, Wireless, and Hybrid 8 Channel Systems. Our 8 Channel Systems are sold as both complete and expandable kits. Complete 8 Channel Systems include 8 cameras or compatible devices, one for each channel. Expandable 8 Channel Systems include kits with fewer devices than channels which allows you to grow the system as your needs change. When considering the size of the system that is the right fit for your needs, it is essential to think about the potential to add more devices down the road. Our expandable 8 Channel Systems offer that flexibility.

Night Owl 8 Channel Systems are available in both DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and NVR (Network Video Recorder) technologies. The Night Owl Hybrid DVR includes a wireless network, just like our NVR’s, that pairs to compatible wireless devices. Having both technologies working together provides unprecedented security and flexibility. The Hybrid combines true CCTV (Closed-Circuit TV) and the simplicity of wireless technology to create 8 Channel Systems like no other. Stay connected to your system via our free Mobile App and receive real-time motion alerts to your Smart Device.

8 Channel Systems

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