1080p Indoor Camera - 10%OFF 

Functional, flexible and expandable.
Our state-of-the-art Wireless 1080p AC Powered Indoor Camera covers all the bases. Fully compatible with our WNVR201 and WG4 Series, this camera can easily be paired with an existing system.

Don’t have a system? No worries! Use the camera as a standalone by connecting it to your router and viewing it through our free app. That’s flexibility you can depend on! Our premier wireless camera is sure to satisfy those customers craving fewer cables, easier setup and superior quality images. With 24/7 coverage and pre-recording, rest assured you will not miss any key events. We really are raising the bar!

With 1080p HD viewing, you will see intricate details with better clarity and detect threats with precision. During the day, your camera will display in full-color mode. At night, it will enter black and white mode and display up to 20 ft. of Night Vision.

Additionally, the camera provides an 88˚ field of view, which far surpasses the standard 42˚ field of view of many cameras. With 2-way audio, you can hear and speak to visitors no matter where your travels take you.

Plus, Smart Motion Detection helps keep false alerts to a minimum. Unless both heat and motion are occurring within the camera's field of view, you won't be alerted. As if that wasn't enough, the camera has an optional SD card recording for on-site storage. Local storage means no Fees or Subscriptions to the expensive mythical hackable cloud!
Each camera comes equipped with its own camera power adapter with enough cable to install the camera in a desirable location. This feature allows for 24/7 coverage and pre-recording, options not available with battery-powered cameras. Our AC powered camera ensures you achieve maximum coverage and don’t miss any key events due to dead batteries.

Already living the Smart life?

Our Wireless 1080p AC Powered Indoor Camera works with Google Assistant to further compliment your home setup. If your hands are tied, or you really don't feel like getting up, but you still want to access your camera, tell Google Assistant to open the app and begin viewing. Yeah, it’s that easy!

Anytime your camera detects heat and motion, you will receive a real-time alert directly to your Smart Device. Whether you are home and feeling lazy or hiking the Appalachian Trail, doesn't matter, you will still be alerted. Did we mention no monthly fees? Our mobile app is free to download and use.

Video can be locally stored using a microSD card, bypassing the need for costly cloud storage. The Night Owl Wireless 1080p AC Powered Indoor Camera allows you to Secure, Protect, and Connect your world.

Standalone or works with existing NightOwl device 

No Monthly Fees

Works with Google Assistant

Easy Install and Magnetic Base


With built-in microphone & speaker


No changing or recharging batteries


For indoor use only

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$79.99   NOW $29.99