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8 x Wired Infrared Bullet Cameras


infrared comparison



Eight Indoor / Outdoor bullet cameras use Dual Sensors to detect (heat and motion)

from people, animals & vehicles. Reduce false alarms by up to 90%.






Smart Detection Technology


smart detection technology


Night Owl's Dual Sensors (heat and motion) detect real activity and motion,

begin recording, and send notifications that matter!






Saves on Hard Drive Space


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Infrared motion alerts ensure that only real events have been recorded, 

allowing your hard drive space to be used efficiently and effectively.


50% More Pixels than 1080P


resolution chart 






Night Owl HD Application & CMS

HD app and CMS


Remotely view and playback recordings and receive

Real-Time notifications on your Smart Device.





Secure Wired Connection


secure wired connection


Uninterrupted viewing and recording –no delays.

Internet access not required for recording.

No interference from other Wi-Fi devices.




100 ft. of Night Vision


Night Vision


Cameras are equipped for night vision up to 100 ft.,

producing clear and crisp images, day or night.

All cameras are designed for use both indoor and outdoor.






2 TB Hard Disk Drive




Large 2 TB pre-installed HDD stores all audio and video files locally.

This means no monthly fees for both access and storage.








2 x Audio Enabled Dome Cameras


2x Audio Enabled Dome Cameras



System includes two bonus dome cameras.

Record audio from up to 20 ft. away and live stream on a

TV/Monitor, Smart Device or PC/Mac ®.






24/7 Support



Night Owl's 24/7 Technical Support

Available 365 days a year


No Monthly Fees


Night Owl does not charge any monthly fees to view

or control your DVR over the Internet or Smart Device.