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Resolution Chart



These 4K cameras will provide the quality coverage you need. With 4 times the resolution of standard 1080p, you will capture video with enhanced clarity and precision.






L2 Color BoostTM Technology




l2 color boost technology


Capture color video in low-light settings. These cameras continue recording in full-color, preserving the quality and details of the image, even as light fades.

*Ambient light required





Smart Motion Detection


Detects Animals, People & Vehicles. Uses Dual Sensors (heat and motion) to minimize up to 90% of false alerts. 








Up to 100 ft. of Night Vision




Night Owl makes after-hours video surveillance easy and effective. Equipped for Night Vision up to 100 ft., these indoor/outdoor cameras produce clear and crisp images even in the dark!







View & Playback


With absolutely no monthly fees, you can easily view and playback your recorded files from anywhere in the world on a computer, smartphone or tablet.





Secured Wired Connection


Secured Wired Connection


Uninterrupted viewing and recording - no delays. Internet access not required for recording. No interference from other Wi-Fi devices.







24/7 Coverage with 2TB Hard Drive


Your system is equipped with a pre-installed 2 TB Hard Drive. When motion is detected, your camera will provide a 5 second pre-recording to ensure you capture everything!






Real-Time Dual Senor Alerts with Faster Data Speeds


faster data speeds



H.265+ compression, combined with our Dual Sensor technology, allows for quicker delivery of alerts to your Smart Device while conserving hard drive space. Receive real-time alerts that matter, faster than ever. 






24/7 Support


Night Owl’s 24/7 technical phone support, available 365 days a year in English, Spanish & French.






No Monthly Fees

no monthly fees

Night Owl does not charge any monthly fees to view or control your DVR over the Internet or Smart Device.