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Infrared Motion Detection


infrared comparison


Detects People, Animals & Vehicles.

Uses Infrared Technology to Minimize False Alarms. 






Smart Detection Technology



smart detection technology


Night Owl's Infrared camera system detects


real activity and motion, begins recording,


and sends notifications that matter!







Saves on Hard Drive Space


privacy 1

Infrared motion alerts ensure that only real events

have been recorded, 

allowing your hard drive space

to be used efficiently and effectively.


Secure your Homes & Businesses in HD







Multiple Viewing Options

with Digital Zoom

Digital Zoom


3 Easy Ways to Connect

3 easy ways to connect


Tablet - Computer - Smartphone





No Computer Needed for Playback


View and Playback




Easy QR Code setup without a Computer





Private Access to Video


privacy 1


User video is never transmitted to our server

nor any third party server EVER.






Powerful Control Management Software

(CMS) for your PC or Mac










Secured Wired Connection


Secured Wired Connection 1080l


Uninterrupted viewing and recording - no delays.

Internet access not required for recording.

No interference from other Wi-Fi devices.








1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor Wired Cameras



indoor outdoor cameras

Up to 100 ft. Night Vision with Facial Recognition







Wide 100° Viewing Angle


100 degree






Vandal Proof Camera Mounts


Vandal Proof Mounts





24/7 Support



Night Owl's 24/7 Technical Support

Available 365 days a year


No Monthly Fees


Night Owl does not charge any monthly fees to view

or control your DVR over the Internet or Smartphone.