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C-841-PIR5MPN Landing Page



Resolution Chart



These 5MP (2560 pixels x 1960 pixels) High Definition cameras provide the stunning image quality you crave. With 2.5x the quality of standard 1080p cameras, you see intricate details with enhanced clarity.






L2 Color BoostTM Technology




l2 color boost technology


Capture color video in low-light settings. These cameras continue recording in full color, preserving the quality and details of the image, even as light fades.

*Ambient light required





Smart Motion Detection


Detects Animals, People & Vehicles. Uses Dual Sensors (heat and motion) to minimize up to 90% of false alerts. 








Up to 100 ft. of Night Vision




Night Owl makes after-hours video surveillance easy and effective. Equipped for Night Vision up to 100 ft., these indoor/outdoor cameras produce clear and crisp images even in the dark!







View & Playback


With absolutely no monthly fees, you can easily view and playback your recorded files from anywhere in the world on a computer, smartphone or tablet.





Secured Wired Connection


Secured Wired Connection


Uninterrupted viewing and recording - no delays. Internet access not required for recording. No interference from other Wi-Fi devices.







24/7 Coverage with 1TB Hard Drive


Your system is equipped with a pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive. When motion is detected, your camera will provide a 5 second pre-recording to ensure you capture everything!






Faster Data Speeds to your Smart Device


faster data speeds



H.265+ compression, combined with our Dual Sensor technology, allows for quicker delivery of alerts to your Smart Device while conserving hard drive space. Receive real-time alerts that matter, faster than ever. 



2 Year Warranty


By purchasing Night Owl from Costco, you receive a 2 year warranty with an exclusive concierge service.





24/7 Support


Night Owl’s 24/7 technical phone support, available 365 days a year in English, Spanish & French.






No Monthly Fees

no monthly fees

Night Owl does not charge any monthly fees to view or control your DVR over the Internet or Smart Device.