One of the most important uses of a security camera is deterrence. Strategically placing cameras around your property to maximize coverage is very important. Night Owl offers Wired and Wireless solutions for both home and business properties. Whether or not you want the cameras to be discrete or placed where an intruder can see them is entirely up to you. Window cameras are cameras that are installed, so they are peering out of a window. Night Owl Wired window cameras connect to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) with a cable that must be run from the camera back to the recorder. Our Wireless window cameras do not need to be connected to a recorder by a cable. Simply plug in one of our AC Powered 1080p Wireless window cameras and angle it any way you like. Just like that, you have an easy to install window camera. Night Owl wireless window cameras can be used as an add on to an existing Wireless NVR System, or as a Standalone camera that connects to your Wi-Fi network. If you decide to install window cameras, make sure to keep the window clean so you can enjoy the detailed HD resolution recordings and Live Views.

Window Cameras

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