Whether you are adding to an expandable video security system or replacing cameras, a Night Owl security camera addon is the smart choice. A security camera addon, or add on camera, is available in wired and wireless technology. A Wired security camera addon can help maximize the coverage of your home or business property. You can never have too many eyes watching what matters most to you. By adding additional cameras, you can cover the blind spots that might be missed when using fewer cameras. A compatible security camera addon provides the extra layer of security we can all use.

Night Owl’s Wireless Video Security Systems are also available as expandable kits. Again, this lets you grow your system as your needs change. Our Wireless security camera addon selection includes indoor only and indoor / outdoor devices. Wireless devices are typically easier to set up than their wired counterpart. There are no cables to run, and installation can be as simple as attaching the magnetic base on the security camera addon to a magnetic surface. Wired or Wireless, a Night Owl security camera addon is a great way to expand your coverage.

Security Camera Addon

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