Night Owl Wired Dome Cameras are a great addition to any compatible home or business video security system. Our Dome Cameras are 1080p HD (High Definition) which is 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels of video resolution. At 1080p HD, you will see intricate details with precision. Full HD resolution paired with a wide viewing angle means you can cover larger areas of your property with only one camera. With Night Vision up to 100 ft, you can be sure that your Dome Camera is capturing crystal clear video day or night. Our Dome Cameras are compatible with Night Owl HDA, XHD, and AH10 HD DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders). Note: Our Wired Dome Cameras must be connected to a compatible DVR to work.

Did you hear that? Yes, our Dome Cameras can pick up audio up to 20 feet around the camera. When you add audio to the captured video, you are truly creating a detailed record of events. The more detail you achieve, the more protection and security you are providing for your home or business property. Check out a Night Owl Dome Camera and see what it can do for your world.

Dome Cameras

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