Digital video recorders (DVR) are devices that record video and audio in a digital format and save the footage for later use. DVR security camera systems have come a long way since the low-quality footage we used to see in tapes just a few years ago. Today’s DVR security camera systems can shoot high definition quality video that protect your home and business.

With stand alone DVR security camera systems, clear HD images and video greatly enhance the recognition of intricate details such as license plate numbers and distinct facial features. Cleaner lines and sharper images have become the new standard of security camera technology, as consumers demand higher quality video at reduced rates.

Night Owl’s systems are simple, easy to install, and monitor. The DVR connects to the security cameras either via a wired or wireless connection, enabling you to record and view what the cameras see. All of our systems have remote viewing. With remote viewing, you may watch the security footage remotely via our Night Owl HD app from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Control your camera’s pan, tilt and zoom functionality right from your device to safeguard your home or business.

In addition, Night Owl’s cameras can be configured to only record when they sense movement. Night Owl even lets you configure your system to send you motion activated push notifications to your wireless device when the sensors detect activity. This way you are not spending your time observing empty rooms, as with competitor’s DVR security camera systems.

Installation is easy; Night Owl uses your existing analog infrastructure to connect your home or business to your new HD stand alone DVR security camera systems. Most of our cameras can be supported by traditional analog wiring and are backward compatible with your existing wiring systems. Night Owl’s Setup Wizard automatically launches upon the initial setup of your DVR, and will walk you through the process of setting up your DVR camera systems properly.