Factory Reconditioned

Night Owl’s factory reconditioned security cameras are the perfect low cost solution for taking control of your home or business surveillance system. Here you’ll find a wide selection of refurbished security cameras that give you access to your property day or night, no matter where you may be located in the world.


Night Owl’s refurbished surveillance cameras have excellent capacity for coverage, both inside and out. Whether you choose to go with an analog or HD solution, Night Owl’s systems protect what you value most. Crystal clear resolution, wide angle lenses, and zoom functionality are just some of the features that highlight this low cost home security solution. Playback features allow you to see every detail in HD quality on your mobile, tablet or computer device and be alerted whenever motion sensors are triggered.

No matter where you go you are able to remotely monitor your camera feed with Night Owl’s exclusive free mobile app. Smart device integration fits right in with your mobile lifestyle and allows you to check your cameras from your mobile or tablet device. Not a tablet or smartphone user? No problem! Our refurbished cameras can still be accessed over the internet via computers or through the use of our standalone DVR systems can integrate with CCTV.  

Seamlessly record and manage your video remotely, and check in on your home, office, ranch or boat wherever you may be. Night Owl’s products integrate into a modern smart home yet still integrate into traditional analog security systems through backward compatibility. We offer a diverse selection of HD home security cameras as part of a complete security system. Choose from different types of features depending on your needs and budget: night vision, optical zoom, audio enabled, wide viewing angles, and weatherproof ratings.

Night Owl practices discretion when it involves the feed from your reconditioned security cameras. User video is never transmitted to our server nor any third party server, ever. Once setup is complete, your cameras and smartphone operate as peer-to-peer devices.

Installation of your new device is simple. Since every user requires a unique configuration for their security system, Night Owl provides a Setup Wizard that automatically launches upon initial setup. The on screen prompt walks users through the process of setting up their video and audio feed.