Covert security cameras, which are also known as hidden security cameras or hidden surveillance cameras discreetly capture the world around you. Night Owl carries staple products in the investigations industry, allowing you to capture photos, audio, and video. Covert security cameras are every-day items that do not look out of place or draw attention. Cameras and video devices can be inserted into just about any product, including keychains and pens.

Now, you can record professional quality video, audio and pictures, covertly, without the knowledge of others around you. Hidden surveillance cameras can be used in a wide variety of scenarios:

-Business meetings

-Students recording lectures

-Nanny cams, used to check up on babysitters or maids

-Assisted living homes, used to catch elder abuse

-Surveillance, security and private investigation

-Monitoring workers at the office

-Catching a cheating spouse

As you can see, these products help you save important moments, and playback the audio, video, pictures (or all three) for later use. They are so discreet that no one will suspect you are using a hidden surveillance device until you confront them with the evidence. Night Owl’s inventory includes versatile video keychain recorders, inconspicuous mini video DVRs, and stylish executive camera pens. These items are easy to use, and store hours of content on USB or Micro SD cards. Easily transfer the recordings to a computer and rest easily knowing your covert device has full storage the next time you’re on the go.

Capture high quality recordings anytime with Night Owl’s covert security cameras. A spy camera can be with you at all times and record the things that are happening when you’re not paying attention. You may have a strong feeling that your partner is cheating you, yet have no evidence to prove it. With hidden security cameras from you will no longer have doubts.