With our line of HD security systems and analog security systems, protect the things that matter most to you with Night Owl.

With our line of analog and HD complete security systems, you can protect the things that matter to you most. High definition security systems use superior video quality to capture the identity of burglars and trespassers on your property. Night Owl’s products come equipped with 720p HD security cameras that capture live streaming video in high quality.

Protection Indoors and Outdoors, Day or Night

If you’re installing them outdoors to catch sight of burglars or trespassers, rest easy knowing Night Owl cameras capture video during the day and during the night using Night Vision HD. Similarly, if you’re installing them indoors - in a baby’s room or as a nanny cam - be assured that the night vision will capture video even when the lights are off. In addition, a wide viewing angle can capture the full width of a room, corridor, or open outdoor area.

Our Complete Security Camera Systems Hold 6 Months of Video Storage

Night Owl’s complete security systems come in 4, 8, and 16 channel configurations, granting you access to all angles of your residence or commercial property. Our products come complete with Night Owl Setup Wizard and over-the-phone support leading you step by step as you set up your HD camera security system. Two Terabytes of pre-installed video space means your cameras can hold a minimum of 6 months of video storage.

Camera Feed Is Directly Streamed To Your Device

Smart device integration lets you view your camera feed - live - from your smartphone, computer, or tablet devices. You don’t have to be at home or in the security room to view what your cameras are seeing.

Tough, Reliable, and Complete Security Systems

Installing your system outside? Vandal-proof camera mounts protect against robbers and thieves who may either try to disable your security system or steal the cameras for themselves. They’re also tough enough to stand up against wild animals like deer.

Backwards Compatible Security Systems

Night Owl’s complete security camera systems are backwards compatible with analog security cameras. If you already have an analog camera you won’t need to redo the wiring that plugs into the camera and powers it on.

No Worries & No Monthly Fee

Unlike other security systems that claim to offer full property protection, Night Owl’s complete security cameras allow you versatility and ease of use. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you can always view your camera feed, no matter if you’re catching up at a neighbor’s house or lounging on a beach half a world away. Lastly, there is no monthly fee when you use the Night Owl HD app to view your camera system because we want our customers coming back.