Choose from our selection of HD & Analog security cameras to add to your existing Night Owl video surveillance system.

The first video cameras were sold in 1956 for $50,000 each. Since then, the technology has greatly improved as more manufacturers have entered the space and products dropped in price. As technology marches forward, video cameras became less expensive, better quality, and more available for commercial and residential use.

Night Owl Meets Security Surveillance Cameras Demand

There is a growing market for surveillance cameras that offer better video quality. Globally, video surveillance will reach over $42 billion by 2019. Prompted by global demand, consumers are looking for cost effective ways to safeguard their family and property. Night Owl’s security surveillance cameras are the solution for the world’s increased security demand.

HD Quality Video Surveillance Cameras Magnify Details

Two decades ago, it wasn’t cost efficient for a small business to own more than one security video camera. In the unfortunate case of a forced entry, the robber’s face could not be identified due to the poor quality of the video stream. Today, homeowners and business owners can afford to place video surveillance cameras in multiple vantage points around their property - and enjoy the HD quality that streams in, in clear and vivid detail.

Complete Security Video Cameras

Night Owl provides HD security cameras and analog security cameras as part of a complete security surveillance system. Our cameras shoot live video in 720p in High Definition. This means shopkeepers can identify faces that walk in their door, parents are able to see what the babysitter is doing when they are not home, and homeowners are able to see the people that walk about their premises.  

Features To Fit Your Budget

Night Owl is proud to be on the forefront of this change. Our products integrate into smart homes and are also backward compatible with analog devices. Choose from different types of features depending on your needs: night vision, optical zoom, audio enabled, wide viewing angles, and weatherproof ratings.

Night Owl stocks security video cameras that let you zoom in on details with clear and crisp precision. Complete security systems are available that record footage for up to 6 months. We also carry refurbished and decoy cameras for consumers on a budget.