Most Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Topics

  • Product Downloads

    1. Where can I download H.264 Player and Night Owl View software for my PC and Mac computers?

    2. Where can I download my Night Owl product manual?

    3. Where can I download Firmware and software for my DVR?

    4. Where can I find and download Night Owl Mobile Apps?

  • Returns & Repairs

    1. Where is my RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)?

    2. Can I see my cameras from my mobile device?

    3. What is DDNS?


    1. How do I register so I can call support?

  • DVR Questions

    1. I am using my remote, but the DVR is not responding?

    2. Why does my DVR continually go into full screen mode on 1 channel?

    3. How do I back up my files?

    4. How do I convert my backed up files so I can play them on my computer?

    5. Why is my DVR not turning on?

    6. What is the DVR system password?

    7. How do I reset my password?

    8. Are the outdoor cameras weatherproof?

    9. Can I record Audio on my DVR?

    10. How many days will my Night Owl DVR record for?

    11. Can I upgrade my DVR’s hard drive?

    12. Can I use an external hard drive with my Night Owl DVR?

    13. Can I view video from the DVR directly on my TV, or do I need a monitor?

    14. Why does my DVR keep boot looping or restarting?

    15. Why does my DVR show a letter "H" on the screen?

    16. Why does my DVR show a letter "M" or "R" on the screen?


    1. Is my Night Owl DVR compatible with PTZ cameras?

    2. Can I make my own cables?

    3. Why is my camera showing video loss?

    4. Why are plants and trees are showing up as pink or purple on my video?

  • Network Questions

    1. Will the system work with a MAC computer?

    2. Will my night owl DVR work with dial up?

    3. Do I need a static IP address?

    4. I can connect to the DVR remotely but it looks very choppy and delayed. Why is this happening?

    5. Does Night owl DVR pickup wireless signal?

    6. When I launch Night owl connect with Firefox or safari, nothing happens, why?